What Can You Do to Prevent Elderly Falls at Home

What Can You Do to Prevent Elderly Falls at Home

As our loved ones grow older, their risks of falls also increase. Falls can result in disabilities, brain trauma, and other life-threatening conditions. But, can you prevent these falls from taking place? Indeed, you can!

Here are our suggestions as a provider of home care services in West Hartford, Connecticut to help you prevent falls at home:

  • Ensure that the home of your senior loved one has fall-proof measures in place

    For instance, their doorways and stairways should have grab bars. The floors should have non-slip mats or carpets. These items can improve the independence of your aging family member because they feel more confident and safe when moving around.

  • Request for a personal care assistant in Connecticut to help your elderly loved one

    Having someone to keep them company every day can also prevent the occurrence of falls. When they have a companion, someone can assist them immediately if they lose their balance.

  • Ensure that your loved one’s home is also free from clutter

    There could be little objects on the floor that they may not notice while they walk. Your loved one may trip over these objects. Professional providers of homemaker services in Connecticut can also help in maintaining the cleanliness of a senior person’s home.

  • Make sure that your elderly relative is meeting with their doctor regularly

    Their overall health needs constant checking. There may be underlying illnesses that can affect their balance. Their medications may result in side effects that can lead to falls.

  • Maintain proper lighting in your home especially in areas that your senior loved one goes to regularly

    With proper lighting, they can see if there are any obstacles on the way.

As a care provider, we are here to support your goals in preserving your loved one’s independence at home. If you need help, set an appointment with us at At-Home Care Services.

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