Senior Safety at Home: What Changes to Implement


Are you providing primary care to a senior loved one’s essential needs and safety at home? Many family members are relegated to this noble responsibility especially when their loved one is facing risky consequences of aging. After all, many seniors are at risk of falls due to limiting dexterity and agility brought about by aging.

In this case, would implementing changes at home be really helpful for your family to prevent your aging loved one from further harm or accidents? As providers of home care services in West Hartford, Connecticut, we say indeed. In fact, we recommend the following changes at home so that your senior loved one can be safe even when they navigate through different areas in your abode.

  • Installing grab bars in bathrooms/toilets
    The toilet is where falls frequently occur especially for seniors who can no longer quickly keep themselves steady. Floors in toilets can also be slippery when they’re wet, hence, grab bars, give them the steadiness they need.

  • Installing anti-scald equipment
    Ensure that the water sources, such as in showers and faucets, can regulate the water temperature on its own so they can’t be at risk of serious burns.

  • Putting up of non-skid mats or pads
    These types of mats are very handy in restrooms, bathrooms, or toilets where the tiled floors can easily get slippery.

  • Clearing off clutters consistently
    Little items such as unused shoes left on the pathway can be reasons for them to trip unnecessarily. Some misarranged furniture can also make it difficult for them to have the space to move freely around the house.

  • Tucking away loose wirings
    Cable wires from different appliances at home can just snake away in the pathway which may cause the senior to trip over them. They have to be tucked away for slip prevention.

  • Installing vibrating smoke detectors
    Smoke detectors can signal them from a fire but the ones with a vibrating feature can help them to easily wake up when necessary. However, when they have a personal care assistant in Connecticut, their safety can be ensured.

  • Install nightlights
    Put up adequate lighting especially on hallways so that your senior loved one can easily walk about even at night being able to see what’s around them.

These are just a few of the still many changes you can and must implement at home when your family members are aging fast. Ensuring the safety of your senior loved one at home becomes topmost of your list especially when they have the history of falling, are taking medications that have side effects, or are having mobility issues. It can also be helpful to require someone to physically accompany them at all times such as people who provide homemaker services in Connecticut.

If you find the need to seek extra hands to keep your elderly loved one safe at home, you can keep in touch with our team at At-Home Care Services to inquire.

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