Risk Factors That Affect Seniors’ Mental Health

Risk Factors That Affect Seniors’ Mental Health

Caring for our elderly loved ones is a great responsibility. We should not only focus on monitoring their physical health, but we should also balance our attention to their mental and social well-being. Mental health is a crucial aspect of aging, and we should provide living environments that support our seniors’ welfare for them to live a healthy life.

As a provider of home care services in West Hartford, Connecticut, we have listed down a few common risk factors that have a high impact on seniors’ mental health.

  • Medical Conditions

    Medical conditions, such as chronic illnesses, often lead to depression in seniors. Serious illnesses can cause great changes in lifestyle, and it may be hard for them to keep up with activities and routines in daily living. Also, these drastic changes may lead to a loss of independence and self-esteem.

  • Social Isolation

    Feelings of abandonment as a result of medical conditions, loss, or neglect are common among the elderly. These feelings may contribute to the occurrence of depression and other mental health problems. To prevent such conditions, you can avail of companionship services or the assistance of a personal care assistant in Connecticut. Professionals who offer these services can give the care and company your loved one needs.

  • Poor Diet

    Having poor nutrition can deprive an individual of the vital nutrients that are appropriate for a sound body and mind. Gradually, improper dieting may lead to negative effects on a person’s mental health.

If these factors are present in your senior loved ones, we should take the necessary actions. You may need assistance in doing so, too. AT-HOME CARE SERVICES can provide you with the quality homemaker services in Connecticut that you may need. Set an appointment with us today.

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