Meal Tips for Loved Ones with Diabetes


While diabetes is an incurable disease, it is also manageable. There are many factors to consider in managing your diabetic loved one, but the most common is food choices. When someone is diabetic, their food choices can be more specific since you wouldn’t want a trigger to complicate your loved one’s illness.

As a provider of home care services in West Hartford, Connecticut, we would like to share some tips from our experience in meal preparation for diabetic patients. We believe these could assist you in alleviating the condition of your beloved. When preparing the meals for your diabetic loved one, take note of the following:

  • Ensure eating portions are enough

    The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) recommends the “plate method”, using the proportions of a 9-inch plate. Here’s what you should do:

    • Place an imaginary line dividing the plate in half, with the other half divided into another half.
    • The largest section will be filled by veggies.
    • The smaller section will be for starchy food (bread or potato).
    • The other smaller section will be for protein (fish, chicken, tofu).

    Also, serve a small amount of fruits on a separate saucer.

  • Plan what to order when eating out

    Since you don’t always eat at home, always be ready for food options when dining out. Additionally, do the following:

    • Talk to the waiter about the food and how they’re served.
    • Choose the ideal foods from their menu list.
    • Be consistent with the serving portion.
    • Don’t hesitate about giving specific instructions in serving the food.
    • Opt for fruit as dessert.
  • Make a list when shopping for food
    When you need to refill your food supply, prepare a list of what you’re going to purchase. This practice will not just ensure you’ll be buying the ideal foods, but you’ll also save cost and time in the process. For starters, get idea from the plate method on what foods to stock for the week.
  • Always check food labels on processed foods
    When you need to buy processed or packed foods, always read the label. This ensures that you’re aware of the content amounts as to calorie, sugar, and fats. In particular, zero in on the information of nutrition facts. If you can pick contents with high fiber content, that will be a good idea.
  • Ask help from family and friends
    Of course, your friends and family can help you in making healthy food choices. They could even help out in buying these food items for you. Enlisting their help will also establish your support system, which is very necessary.

On occasions that you will be needing a personal care assistant in Connecticut, don’t think twice about doing that. These people are experienced and skilled in what they do, so you can have peace that your loved one will be diligently and properly taken care of. To look for homemaker services in Connecticut, contact us at At-Home Care Services. We’ll be more than glad to assist you.

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