Live-In Care vs. Hourly Care: What’s Better for Your Loved One?


Every family caregiver knows the heavy responsibility of deciding when to get additional help in caring for a senior loved one at home. But the key indicator should be your loved one’s unique needs. Getting care at home largely depends on two major options: live-in care and hourly care. This setup is only applicable for seniors who don’t need extra medical monitoring for their health.

Have you also come to this crossroad of deciding whether it’s going to be live-in or hourly care for your family member? As a premier provider of home care services in West Hartford, Connecticut, let us iron out this difference for you so that you can be guided accordingly.

Both these types of care can be met by our personal care assistants in Connecticut. However, they have significant differences such as follows:

  • Care providers
    The live-in care requires the care staff to stay and live with your loved one at home. With this arrangement, they can provide excellent care to your family member at any time of the day. Because of this, live-in care will require at least 2 care providers to make quality service possible.

    Meanwhile, hourly care only needs one experienced personnel to assist your loved one.

  • Level of monitoring
    The live-in care provides round-the-clock attention to your loved one. Even when they are sleeping, they will still be attended to by care providers as it’s important for them to give prompt care when needed.

    On the other hand, hourly care is only requested for certain periods of hours. The care provider is only expected to provide assistance within the allotted time.

  • Cost
    The live-in care has a fixed basis of payment, after all, the care providers need to be present in straight hours.

    Meantime, hourly care is only paid for every hour that their assistance is needed.

  • Schedule
    The live-in care provides assistance in a 24-hour period; hence, their schedule is a bit fixed. While they can accommodate for customized services, the schedule is still expected to be followed.

    On another hand, hourly care has a flexible arrangement. The schedule can be any time of the day as preferred by the client.

  • Care needs
    The live-in care assists care needs that require round-the-clock supervision. Some seniors will need this type of care especially those who have to be attended to at night.

    Meanwhile, hourly care is for those seniors who have more independence at home and will only need minor assistance when they go about their tasks.

In deciding for the type of care for your senior loved one, you can either have the live-in care or hourly care. Just remember to put primary consideration on the specific needs of your loved one, as these needs can give you direction in choosing for the accurate type of care.

At At-Home Care Services, we can gladly assist you in your need for homemaker services in Connecticut. Set an appointment with us for assessment.

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