Homemaking Tips: What to Do with a Senior at Home


Are you hands-on in taking care of your senior family member? You have our deep respects. As a provider of home care services in West Hartford, Connecticut, we know the delights and challenges of caregiving. So we understand why you want to be personal in caring for your senior loved one. With that in mind, the needs of your senior family member will be prominent in your list, as they are probably the most vulnerable member in the house (unless if you have infants or kids too). One of these needs will be a secure and safe abode. To help you achieve that, we’re sharing these tips on homemaking to give you some help in securing your senior loved one at home.

  • Ensure cleanliness and sanitation
    The elderly person can be easily infected, owing to the fact that their immune system has already declined with age. When you’re preparing food or getting them ready for bed, include cleanliness and sanitation in the picture. You wouldn’t want to complicate their conditions just because you missed replacing their bed linens.
  • Secure slippery areas
    In the bathrooms where floors are slippery when wet, you need to ensure this will not be a hazard to your loved one. Put rubber mats on the floor. Additionally, install grab bars on the walls and near the toilet so your loved one has something to hold on to.
  • Organize food in the fridge with labels
    To easily serve them at meal times, organize their foods early on. For your convenience, label these containers as to what meal they’re for, so you can save time in looking for the serving. There are also providers of homemaker services in Connecticut who can aid you in preparing healthy meals regularly.
  • Lock up medicines and sharp tools
    If your elderly loved one has dementia, they may not be aware of opening up medicine storage or tool boxes. These items can endanger them so just make sure these are locked always.
  • Use large bins for collecting dirt
    This goes true for laundry and garbage. To save you time in going closer to these bins to properly shoot your dirt, get bins that have large openings so that you can throw your laundry or trash from a distance. This setup is especially ideal if you’re on multitasking mode.

In caring for your senior loved one, you might come to a point of being burdened by the task. Don’t be hard on yourself because it’s just your body reaching its limit. Just don’t push yourself harder so you can still be a great caregiver. When these times occur, you can get a personal care assistant in Connecticut to give you respite care. For more inquiries regarding this service, don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us at At-Home Care Services.

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