What Can You Do to Prevent Elderly Falls at Home

As our loved ones grow older, their risks of falls also increase. Falls can result in disabilities, brain trauma, and other life-threatening conditions. But, can you prevent these falls from taking place? Indeed, you can! Here are our suggestions as a provider of home care services in West Hartford, Connecticut to help you prevent falls … Continue reading

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Top 5 Food Choices that Improve Senior Memory

Our elderly loved ones can face memory decline as the years go by. Yet, we can help delay this decline through food choices that are good for the brain. As a provider of home care services in West Hartford, Connecticut, here are brain-healthy food choices that we can recommend. Fatty Fish These fishes are great … Continue reading

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3 Values Which Our Senior Parents Want Us to Respect

Respect to our parents is one important ethic that never ceases no matter how old they get. Have you had those instances when they become determined about one thing that resulted in arguments? What would have changed the situation? Even as our parent’s age, there are values they expect us to uphold when it comes to their welfare. They have a different perspective which draws a fine line between what they choose to do and what we think is good for them. Here are three values that they get a good grip on. Independence Just as mighty America places high regard for independence, so are our senior parents. They are adamant on how they spend their independence in a way they see fit and enjoyable. Their physical limitations have already placed a shackle on … Continue reading

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4 Tips on Caring for Aging Parents at Home

Are you considering taking care of your elderly loved ones at home? What do they think about it? There are families that prefer partnering with providers of home care services in West Hartford, Connecticut, like At-Home Care Services, and others who opt for assisted living services. Either option is good depending on the needs of … Continue reading

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3 Fun Hobbies You Can Do at an Advanced Age

Having fun is important at an advanced age. It can be easy to dismiss it as something for children but doing something you enjoy and having fun at the same time can benefit you in many ways. When you are enjoying yourself, you can improve many aspects of your health, prevent serious conditions, and enhance … Continue reading

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3 Tricks for a More Youthful Life

The last thing that anyone wants to do is grow old, but it is part of our reality. Even though there is nothing we can do to stop the clock, there are still methods that can help you slow it down at the very least. Even in our golden years, we can still live full … Continue reading

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